American Music Magazine (Sweden):

“A new and very interesting acquaintance, Andrea Dagmar Brown is also a photographer and supplied the cover photo for our Billy Hancock feature.

“She starts right off the bat with her own superb composition, 'A Little Bitta Love' which has a tremendous driving sound. There are four more originals entitled 'Evil', 'Don't Stop', 'Living A Lie' and 'Lucky Stars' and of these four the last is another winner.

“The remaining tracks are covers which she gives her own brand. Of these, I particulary like her version of Billy Lee Riley's 'Red Hot'. 'Stupid Cupid' has the same great energy as the title track. Dagmar also gives us very infectious versions of Wayne Walker's 'Leaving On Your Mind', as well as 'A Poor Man's Roses' and the classic 'Since I Met You Baby'. She has a deep and rich voice with a wide range and her phrasing goes straight to my heart. The musicians are great and know their business which helps on this superb debut.”
--Bo Berglind


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