Cover-Come Back To Me

Release Date: March 13, 2007
Produced by Philip Stevenson and Dagmar and The Seductones

Andrea Dagmar Brown invites you to “Come Back to Me” with the release of Dagmar and the Seductones' second CD. They've jammed in even more rocking sound the second time around, with hard-hitting originals, rockabilly, R&B and flat-out rock and roll for your partying pleasure.

The CD features Dagmar's voluptuous vocals, Bob Newscaster's gritty guitar, Bryan Smith's booming bass and George Sheppard's dynamic drums as well as guest appearances from some of DC's finest sidemen.

You'll be glad you came back to Dagmar and the Seductones' latest and greatest, “Come Back to Me.”


1. Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet (R.Swenson/No Budget Productions/BMI)

2. Bad Sad or Mad (Andrea Dagmar Brown/No Budget Productions/BMI)

3. Mercy Mercy (Don Covay, Ron Miller/Cotillion Music OBO Vonglow Music)

4. As Long As I'm Moving (Charles Calhoun/Unichappell Music, Inc.)

5. I'm Not Going To Cry (R.Swenson/No Budget Productions/BMI)

6. Me and My Chauffeur Blues (Memphis Minnie/ARC Music Corporation)

7. Come Back to Me (Andrea Dagmar Brown/No Budget Productions/BMI)

8. That Doghouse Double Bass (R.Swenson/No Budget Productions/BMI)

9. Come and Get It (R.Swenson/No Budget Productions/BMI)

10. You Said (R.Swenson/No Budget Productions/BMI)

11. Hush Your Mouth (Huey 'Piano' Smith/All publishing rights for the U.S.A. and
     Canada controlled and administered by MCI Music Publishing Limited.)

12. Not My Concern (Andrea Dagmar Brown/No Budget Productions/BMI)

13. Old Country Rock (William Moore)

Produced by Philip Stevenson & Dagmar and The Seductones

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