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Bob Newscaster - Guitar

Early Photo of Bob Newscaster

Early Photo of Bob Newscaster by Dagmar

Bob “Newscaster” Swenson, Rockabilly Hall of Fame Inductee, has been playing guitar professionally since age 13. He began teaching guitar at age 14, around the time he joined his first rock band. He became a classical guitar student at Sophocles Papas' Guitar Shop and also studied at The American University under John Marlow, a student (Master Class) of Andrés Segovia.

Newscaster made his mark playing rockabilly in the Seventies and Eighties, recording with Tex Rubinowitz (see photo), Bob E. Rock, and Billy Hancock for Ripsaw Records. His distinctive style can be heard on “Tex Rubinowitz&148; (NCP Records #NCP 1), “Shakin' That Rockbilly Fever,” (Bluelight Records # BLR33722; and Raucous Records); “This is Bob E. Rock,” (No Club Records # NCP D-004); and with Eva Cassidy and Jimmy the Kid on “A Holiday Feast,” (Vol. V, Hungry For Music #HFM0013).

Bob has had the pleasure of performing with Bo Diddley (see photo), The Clovers, Jack Scott, Robert Gordon, Johnny Seaton, Narvel Felts, Eddie Angel, Evan Johns, Big Sandy and many others. He was a featured performer on the 1ere Tournee de Rockbilly in France in 1981 on the road with Sonny Fisher, Gene Summers, Crazy Cavan, Freddie “Fingers” Lee, and more.

Bob Newscaster was co-founder of The (original) Seductones in 1983 and has played rhythm and lead guitar with Dagmar and The Seductones since their inception. His guitar work is featured on their debut CD, “Little Bitta Love”, released in 2004 and on “Come Back To Me”, released in 2007. Both are available on iTunes, CDBaby. and on Amazon.

Bob also worked with J.P. McDermott as a member of Western Bop for many years. He was the featured guitar player on his albums, “Last Fool Here,” and the Buddy Holly tribute album, “It's Not Too Late: Nearly Forgotten Buddy Holly Songs”. Newscaster has been part of Washington, DC's annual Buddy Holly Tribute since its inception. You can hear his work with J.P. on the above CDs at cdbaby.

He is a published songwriter and has written and performed music for film (“Swarm of the Snakehead,” “Roadhouse 66”) and television in the US and abroad.

Occasionally, Newscaster will treat live audiences to the rough charm of his twang-flavored vocals.

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Bob Newscaster

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