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Come Back To Me

Little Bitta Love

Dagmar's 1-on-1 interview with Renegade Grinder magazine!



• Brian Harman (Blues Art Journal) says:
“…suggestively sultry wraparound southern, dripping, vocals…fruity mixture of The Stray Cats and The Blasters. A very fine, enjoyable home Rockabilly hoe down.”

• DJ Lane Quigley (The Memory Lane Show, Rock-It Radio) says:
“…It swings, it rocks, and truly captures the raw energy of rock & roll that has been largely missing for the past forty years.”

• Larry Benicewicz (Blues Art Studio) says:
“…What they have presented here is a box of chocolates for your aural consumption.”

• Raucous Records says:
“…Dagmar & The Seductones kick of this fine album with a Rockabilly blaster…They play scorching Rockabilly and Rhythm Rockin' Blues equally well…A strong and varied set, with great vocals and musicianship throughout.”…
read the whole review)

• Rockabilly Magazine, issue No.37 (USA) says:
“Clearing easily the bar set by 2004's 'little bitta love,' Dagmar et al continue to mold animated sway-backed blues and countrified rock'n'roll with singular joyfulness. To the extent that good times can be transferred to digital format, they were here. Recommended Tracks: 'Not My Concern' and 'You Said' Five Stars”

• The Spring '08 issue of Blue Suede News) says:
“A very enjoyable mix of roots musical styles!”

• Jumping from 6 to 6 says:
“…Maybe more blues and less country than the previous one, Dagmar's second album is the perfect complement to their previous effort. You'll find at least one tune to please you on this varied cd (and if you have just one ounce of taste you'll like them all)…How can't you like them?”
here for the whole review.)

• Boppin' Around, The Real Dutch Rockin' Lifestyle Magazine says:
“…Check it out.…”
(read the whole review)

• American Music Magazine (Sweden) says:
“…a fine album from a great band…”
(read the whole review)

• DJ Mac Thomas, 91.3 WVUD says:
“If you enjoyed 'Little Bitta Love' by Dagmar & the Seductones, you best get hold of their latest album, 'Come Back To Me'! This album rocks from top to bottom. Pay special attention to 'You Said' and 'Not My Concern'. If you like to rock, they WILL ROCK YOU!”

• DJ Johnny G, Johnny G and The Cruisin' Show, Rock-It Radio says:
“…excellent new CD”

• Read what Le Cri du Coyote has to say

• The bloggers are talking, toojefitoblog



• Jumping from 6 to 6 says:
“…leaves the listener breathless…”
here for the whole review.)

• The Washington Post says:
“…Andrea Dagmar Brown, the fiery siren…leads the Seductones' sexy rockabilly charge…”
here for the whole review.)

• From Rockabilly Girls:
“North Virginia's temptress Andrea Dagmar Brown can make ya melt”

• Raucous Records says:
“Andrea 'Dagmar' Brown is a girl with a big voice that can handle Rock 'n' Roll, Country and Rhythm & Blues equally well. This diverse set includes original material as well as covers of Patsy Cline, Ivory Joe Hunter and Billy Lee Riley.”

• American Music Magazine (Sweden) says:
“…tremendous driving sound…great energy…infectious…superb debut”
here for the whole review.)

• Rockabilly Magazine (USA) says:
“…good-time, honky-tonk boppin'!”
(Click here for the whole review.)

• Radio DJ Mac Thomas (91.3 WVUD Newark, DE) says:
“…Little Bitta love is a hot blend of Country with heavy Rockabilly overtones and the beat just rocks! Nice Job!”

• Internet Radio DJ Frank Gosman says:
“The one and only Dagmar!…a bubbly, beautiful, blonde bombshell!…”
-- Frank Gosman, in live remarks, CSA Jamboree, June 19, 2005

• Blue Suede News (USA) says:
“Dagmar…really rocks. Musically their style is rooted in the '50's…straight forward Rock'n'Roll and roots music ranging from Country to Blues with a pop hint.”
(Click here for the whole review.)

• Boppin' Around (The Netherlands) says:
“…The title track, 'A Little Bitta Love,' rocks a whole lotta bit more…”
(Click here for the whole review.)

• From Metro Music Connection:
“…The lead singer can belt out a tune with the best of the ladies in the industry and we really do like their sound. ”

• RootsTown Music (Belgium) says:
“Red hot mama Andrea Dagmar Brown together with her Seductones gives us a CD full of up-tempo R&B, '50s and '60s rock 'n' roll, and '60s country. Food for the jukebox…”
(Click here for the whole review.)

• Baltimore Blue Society's Larry Benicewicz says:

BLUES RAG FEATURE, Part 1, Andrea's Story
BLUES RAG FEATURE, Part 2, Bob's Story

• LivinBlues.com's Gary Tate (Canada) says:
“…high-spirited…high voltage…get it!”
(Click here for the whole review.)

• Sur La Route de Memphis (France) says:
“Mostly rockabilly with great versions of Red Hot (really savage!) and Let's Have A Party…
Good debut.”

(Click here for the whole review.)

• Le Cri du Coyote (France) says:
“If you like Wanda Jackson and the Cramps…
Dagmar and the Seductones are for you. A big, bold, beautiful blonde, who sang for the troops far from home, who has sex appeal… backed by three musicians with impressive resumes, you've got the picture…A very fresh treat, recommended.”

(Click here for the whole review.)

• Playboy's Buzz McClain says:
“Dagmar and the Seductones put out a lot more than a 'Little Bitta Love' in this collection of neo-retro rockabilly and country. The veteran band plays it fast and loose, with Dagmar's clear and strong vocals living up to the 'seductive' part of the band name. The sex-reversal of 'Red Hot' is an unexpected delight that demands repeating. Yee-friggin'-ha!”

• Country Music Attitude (France) says:
“…a refreshing debut album. No pretensions other than to offer entertaining music which borrows from the roots of rockabilly and the music of the '50's and '60's.”
(Click here for the whole review.)

• Rock'n'Roll Music Magazine (Germany) says:
“…A powerful, dynamic woman's voice, full of presence, in addition to a band with the same attributes, who are equally at home with the blues and rock'n'roll--those are the ingredients for the first CD by Dagmar and the Seductones…”
(Click here for the whole review.)

• OnTap OnLine's Korin Miller says:
“Take a trip back to the 1950s with Dagmar and the Seductones' album, Little Bitta Love. The disc emits a feeling of a time when sock hops were cool and rockabilly ruled…”(Click here for the whole review.)

• Radio DJ Tom Hinders says:
“This CD is truly amazing…There's some great rockabilly, great R&B, great blues, etc. all done so well in a distinctive style…that's the mark of a good singer and band -- being able to handle a variety of sounds.”
-- Tsunami Soul, WOBC 91.5 FM, Thursdays, 6-8:00PM EST

• Radio DJ Eddie Russell says:
“flavorful scramble…very cool…'Little Bitta Love'…a courageous step in fun and high energy. Brillant, accomplished and intense. Will be airing on my shows.”
-- The Country Eastern/Outlaw For Peace Radio Show

• 3rd Coast Music's John Conquest says:
“Dagmar, with her striking looks…is stylish and energetic, with engaging undertones of pure pleasure in what she's doing.”
(Click here for the whole review.)

• Indie-Music.com's Les Reynolds says:
“…The Seductones are fronted by Andrea Dagmar Brown, who has a fantastic set of pipes…Dagmar seems to strut about and stalk onstage throughout every tune. Her prowling, growling vocals…”
(Click here for the whole review.)

More Mentions:

Short but Sweet…
Dagmar and The Seductones are mentioned in Billy Poore's book, RockABilly: A Forty-Year Journey, “…The Seductones…playin' clubs in D.C. and doin' rockabilly…” (See pg. 247.)

• From jitterbuzz.com:
“...the seductones were really great...Their rendition of Elvis' 'Let's Have a Party' is the 'Download of the Week' on jitterbuzz....”
“...a rollicking evening...Dagmar, and her band...entertained the daylights out of us for three hours. We like to listen to them and we like to dance to their music!”

•  Washington Times Feature on Swing Dancing in the DC Area.

• From Washington Post's article on The Seductones, J.P. McDermott, and JV's.

• Comments From The View: “A Little Bit of Country…”

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