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Okay, let's get right down to it. Here's Dagmar. Listen to either of her two CDs, ”Little Bitta Love” and ”Come Back To Me” at cdbaby.com. Or check out iTunes. She's got a voice like no other--

“sexy rockabilly” --The Washington Post

“the raw energy of rock & roll” --Lane Quigley

“scorching Rockabilly and Rhythm Rockin' Blues” --Raucous Records

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Dagmar has been the founder, artistic director, manager, and lead singer of Dagmar and The Seductones. In 2001, she invited some of the finest musicians around to be part of the group. This band has toured since its start. After so many years on stage, Dagmar is a first-class entertainer with an electric stage presence who engages audiences wherever she performs. She had a ball when touring Europe and Africa where she entertained the troops at U.S. Navy bases.

Locally, she has been a regular performer in clubs such as the (now-defunct) Half Moon BarbQ, Zoo Bar, the Quarry House Tavern, and the annual Buddy Holly Tribute, which was started years ago in Washington, DC by J.P. McDermott and Western Bop. J.P. and Dagmar managed to share guitarist Bob Newscaster between their two bands.

She holds copyrights for her songwriting and has won grants, honorariums, and awards for work on video sound tracks; was a featured artist on National Public Radio and on Blues Deluxe/Bluebloods; was noted with an Honorable Mention by Billboard Magazine; and her singing is included in the movie soundtrack of “Swarm of the Snakehead.” Her bluesy, rockabilly material is broadcast regularly on stations in Europe, Australia, South America and, of course, the USA. Her vocal work has been featured on CD and vinyl recordings. She sings the lead and backup vocals on all Dagmar and The Seductones' CDs.

Dagmar's Music Background:
Dagmar began her musical life as a classical musician, playing violin, learning to read and write the language of music. She studied violin for many years and joined some quartets that performed publicly. It was very structured. During this time, she taught herself classical guitar. Her very first backup band was her high school orchestra accompanying her in her senior year graduation performance. She played solo, Vivaldi's “Guitar Concerto in D,” all three movements from memory. As a young guitarist, she was fortunate to attend concerts played by classical master Andrés Segovia and jazz master Charlie Byrd. She studied them as they played, watching their fingers and listening to the nuances of each style. She was lucky to have a brief audience with each maestro after the concerts, and talked to them, shyly requesting their autograph -- which they kindly gave, much to her delight!

She listened to the radio and old '45's and knew all the Top 40 hits by heart. Singing in choruses and choirs, although educational, became too limiting plus they lacked the beat she craved. She was moving to vintage rockin' material with its cool beat, and this change was reflected in both her voice and instruments. Dagmar's singing and guitar styles were moving to blues, rhythm and blues, rock'n'roll, jazz, country -- she loved it all and mixed it together into her original material.

She developed a unique sound where she fingerpicked, smacking the strings and guitar body with her hand for percussive effect and she used her thumb like a bass, because, as she put it, since she didn't have a band she had to make up her own. Her sound was so eccentric that few could accompany her and she began to switch styles to more conventional rhythms. She played solo gigs around the Washington, D.C., scene in clubs like Desperado's, Columbia Station, and the Psche Delly, opening for local and regional bands or doing her own shows at places like the Singer's Studio and performing on the cafe and restaurant circuit. Occasionally, she sat in with bands and was a regular at the Childe Harold's Monday Night Blues Jam where she met many DC musicians, some who would eventually perform with her in her own groups (see Supporting Cast)

Radio station WGTB-fm, written up around the nation for its radical attitude and choice of material, picked up on her sound and featured her on many live shows including Pandemedia, a large outdoor concert with hours of local, regional and national acts performing into the night. It was broadcast live from the studios at Georgetown University. The producers at WGTB gave her her own concert at Gaston Hall which she packed. A well known club owner referred to her style as “provocative.”

She was recorded on vinyl, too, on an album produced by Adeena Sarah, nee Lipson. She sang solo, original material and included some of the most obscure covers she could dig up. But she longed for the fuller more rockin' sound of a band because her craving for rock'n'roll, rockabilly, early blues and old country was pulling her like a musical hurricane away from her structured classical roots. Dagmar believes structure is necessary for creativity but too much structure can suck the life out of your work. And so, to the hard seductive beat of old-style rock'n'roll and R&B she went.

She listened to the blues, R&B, R'n'R and old country all the time, radio glued to her ear, records, then tapes, then CDs spinning all the time. Not only was she finger picking on guitar but she pulled out a pick. She used it while playing rhythm on her Gibson J50 and on her 1965 Epiphone Olympic Special guitars. Apparently, the time had come for her first band, a rhythm and blues group called, “The Kokomo Mojos” that played from a song list of known and lesser known R&B material. But it wasn't enough; Andrea aka Dagmar, was absorbed by the combination of musical styles in rockabilly, such as early Sun Sessions Elvis and the rare girl rockers like Brenda Lee, crooner Sarah Vaughan and blues babe Ruth Brown. And deep down inside her head was the ancient sound of her father's whistle; he always whistled blues tunes from the '40's and '50's as he drove his finned two-tone cars.

Years later after a gig, someone in the audience came up and was talking to Dagmar. Apologetically, she said to him, “Oh, so sorry, I know should have done more rockabilly for you guys since this gig was advertised as a rockabilly gig,” but her fan answered, “You just keep on doin' it!! Everything you do is rockabilly!!” Well, some call it the blues, some call it rockabilly. Whatever the styles, they cross over and Dagmar's audiences love what she does.

She put together a new group, this time with her friend and guitarist extraordinaire, (soon to be a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, 2nd Generation players), Bob Newscaster. She called this band, “Dagmar and The Seductones,” because she knew that the TONE of this music was seductive. But, for the sake of brevity and newspaper ads, she shortened it to “The Seductones,” and for a couple of years it stayed that way, but swung back again to Dagmar and The Seductones. Over the years, you may see the group listed either way.

The earliest iteration of Dagmar and The Seductones (V.1) was all female, but never performed publicly. However, after the first personnel change, when Bob Newscaster agreed to play with the bass, drummer, and rhythm guitarist, all three women in hi-heels and short skirts (except the drummer, who wore sneakers), Bob announced, “It's a rough job but somebody's got to do it!” and the new Dagmar and The Seductones came on the circuit with their stylish, different look. In the third iteration, Dagmar decided to add a second guitarist, change the bass and drummer, and put both of her own guitars back up on their stands all the while keeping the platform shoes and hi-hemmed skirts -- now she could enjoy freedom of movement on stage, particularly if it was a big stage. In fact, Dagmar the Performer is a singer and instrumentalist. So as a player, she misses her guitars, but has happily bounced into her role as performer/singer, loving her vocal instrument, at once creamy, gritty, and moving with ease between styles.

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Come Back To Me” and “Little Bitta Love

On iTunes “Come Back To Me” and “Little Bitta Love

For a more detailed biography with photos, see Dagmar

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Bob Newscaster

Bob “Newscaster” Swenson

Bob Swenson, aka 'Newscaster', is a Rockabilly Hall of Fame Inductee (2nd Generation). He has been playing guitar professionally since he was thirteen. A classical guitar student at Sophocles Papas' Guitar Shop, he also studied at American University under John McGregor, a student of the great classical pioneer, Andres Segovia. Bob has backed up many great performers including Bo Diddley, The Clovers, Jack Scott, Robert Gordon, Narvel Felts, Tex Rubinowitz and others (see Bob's detailed bio for more info and links). Newscaster toured France in 1981 along with Sonny Fisher and Gene Summers. Bob's work can be found on Ripsaw Records, Bluelight Records, Raucous Records, No Club Records, and Hungry For Music Records. Newscaster plays rhythm and lead with Dagmar and The Seductones and is featured on both of Dagmar and The Seductones' CDs, Little Bitta Love, and Come Back To Me.

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(Photo of Bob Newscaster by Louie Newmyer)

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith
Upright and Electric Bass

Bryan's bass sound first gained international exposure in the mid-Seventies when he recorded and toured in the U.S. and Canada as a member of The Star Spangled Washboard Band. He worked with Bob Newscaster in the Tennessee Rockets, appearing on Ripsaw Records, backing many rockabilly stars. He also performed with the U.S. Navy Band and worked with some of the best country and bluegrass musicians in the world. He is featured on upright and electric bass on both of Dagmar and The Seductones' CDs, Little Bitta Love, and Come Back To Me.

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Billy Hancock
(Photo of Bryan by Andrea D. Brown)

George Sheppard, Drums George Sheppard

Since 2005, world renowned drummer George Sheppard has performed with Dagmar and The Seductones.

George Sheppard is a a protegé of Henry Adler and Louis Bellson, and has toured and recorded with greats ranging from jazz icon Dizzy Gillespie to the rock group The Talking Heads, from Grammy nominated guitarist Eric Johnson to Handy Award winners the Smokin' Joe Kubek Band with B'nois King.

Hear George featured on Dagmar and The Seductones' newest CD, “
Come Back To Me.”
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(Photo of George by Ken Eng)

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